Just because you know what not to do, doesn’t automatically mean that you know what TO do!

Life throws a lot at you: Curves, Turns, Detours, Construction, Steep Hills, and Mountain Climbs.  I call these the GarbageFactor™.  They aren’t going to stop or go away.  What you need are the right skills so you can Rock that ride and get back to LIVING your life!

Hi there! I’m Marian Madonia. I’ve been teaching people skills and attitude programs for over 30 years. It started simply enough, my life was screwed up and I did not want to repeat my families legacy: Growing up in apartments, moving every year, financial hardships, lack of goals, abuse, narcissism, addiction, misogyny, mental illness. In school, I was the outsider, always alone and bullied nearly every year of school. Emotionally, I was a mess, and I made a lot of mistakes because I didn’t know better.

But I was determined to have a different life.  I wanted different results. I read everything I could get my hands on. I attended every seminar that I could afford. I didn’t get things right on the first try, but with a lot of trial and error, I began to figure it out.  I learned hat I had a keen ability to extract all the good parts and combine them with things I’d already learned. Implementation was everything!  That’s when my life started to turn around. I began to get different results. And I was so excited at what I was learning, that had to share everything I learned.

That’s when I decided to develop training programs that would help others.  In the 30 years since I started, I’ve collected tons of information and stockpiled solutions.  I’ve been writing pieces, activities, lessons, and letting them out here and there through different programs.  Now, I’m writing a series of comprehensive programs that will teach you everything I’ve ever learned.  My legacy is to help you, to make your life a little less burdensome, to help you Rock the Ride of Your Life.

I remember a friend once said “You’ve not been blessed with the best of luck, but you sure have been blessed with the ability to bounce back no matter what.”

That’s what I want to help you do.  I want to help you bounce back.  I want to share the skills & solutions that I’ve collected over 30 years. I want to help you ROCK this ride called life. Come join me for the ride!

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