Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where I cover the good, the bad, and the ugly.

These are the most common questions that I get…whether business related or not.  If enough people ask me, then I figure there are a few others dying to know the answers.  Have a question not addressed here?  Click on my contact page and write me a note.  I’ll follow up soonest to get you the answers you need.

“Do you use humor?”

Yes! I use lots of humor, even when talking about serious topics.  My style of speaking is to share stories I’ve experienced over my career.  Early in my speaking career, I had a coach ask me why I was so serious all the time.  I told her that it was because I wanted people to take me seriously.  She replied, “but your audience likes you better when you’re having fun.”  That feedback changed a lot about my programs including adding more humor and fun to make my points.  In the end, I found that my audiences remembered my lessons better when we were all having a good time.

“How far in advance do you book programs?”

As long as I have availability, I can book as far out as two years from now or as soon as next week if you need me.

“What happened to your hair?”

For those of you that have known me for a while, you may not recognize me.  “How long was she gone? She went from auburn to gray!”  It was actually only about 2 years.  I quit coloring it and I quit worrying about how crazy the curls are.  I used to joke about retiring and becoming the old lady down the street with wild white hair.  I decided not to wait until I got old to try it out.  It’s been nothing but fun.

“Do you have group activities?”

Yes!  I select activities best suited to the topic and program format.  Keynotes have less interaction than seminars, mostly due to the size of the audience and limited time frame.  Group activities can also be made as a follow-up to the program.  Consult with me on how much interaction you are looking for and together we will create the perfect mix of speech and interaction.

“Do you guarantee your programs?”

Yes!  I come to an agreement ahead of time with my clients on what criteria they will use to measure the success of the program.  I guarantee those criteria will be met.  If the criteria aren’t met, my fee is refundable.

“Do you really drive a tractor-trailer?”


Yes.  I learned to drive so that I could eventually join my boyfriend full-time on the road in the entertainment industry.

“Do you customize your programs?”

Yes!  I have a framework for each of my programs, but I work with each client individually to come up with the perfect amount of customization based on each client’s needs.

“What’s your personal favorite topic?”

This is a tough one, but I would say my current favorite is my “How to Play Well with Others and Get Others to Play Well with You” program.  It’s about dealing with difficult people and we spend a lot of time laughing at things that normally stress us out.

“Is it true you wear black jeans, black shirt, black leather jacket, black everything?  Kind of goth isn’t it?”

Yes!  Black has always been the basis for what I call my speaking uniform.  It’s also the uniform for roadies in the entertainment industry.  Now that I’m in trucking and entertainment, I’m limited on what I can bring on the road.  Black jeans & shirts have made my life a lot easier and more accurately reflect who I am, but I’m still known for a surprise punch of color.