Event Planners

Welcome event planners!

Here are some little known facts about me that will matter to you, the event planner!

  1. I grew up in the hospitality & travel businesses.  I had the perfect upbringing for events.  My dad ran restaurants, hotels, and large scale food operations.  My mom was a travel agency manager.  I literally grew up behind the scenes of events.
  2. In my own career, I did meeting and event planning for 6 years.  Annually, I held 10 multi-track conferences and 20 seminars across the US.
  3. I have spent the past 2 years behind the scenes for multi-platinum selling bands and broadway shows.

What this means to you is that I understand what it takes to put on an event.  I know there are a few key things that are important to you the meeting planner:

  • Staying on time
  • Staying within budget
  • Accomplishing event goals

Wouldn’t it make your life easier to work with a speaker who understands your constraints?  I look at working with you as a partnership.  I want you and your meeting to be successfull.  That means if you need something changed on the fly, I’m going to do it.  Here are some things I’ve done for clients in the past that have made them a winner and contributed greatly to the event’s success:

  • Added information just released via PR and tied it into the topic making it look seamless.
  • Cut time by 15 minutes so client could get back on track with schedule
  • Adjusted opening to account for a national tragedy
  • Cut time an additional 15 minutes because schedule was really out of whack (yes, same client).
  • Changed topic from communication to attitude ON THE SPOT, because management AND staff realized they knew how to talk to each other…they didn’t want to talk to each other.  We took down walls that day and the team benefitted greatly.
  • Cut time an additional 10 minutes (yes, same client.  They had a very long winded CEO.  For this client, timeliness was more important than my whole time slot, so I made the slides available afterward for the attendees.)
  • Set up the room.  The client had great success with attendees and split the program into two keynote sessions with 500 people in each room.  The groups would then flip flop to the opposite rooms to hear each speaker.  Unfortunately, the facility forgot to seat up the second room.  I dove in with the staff and helped them get the 500 chairs set up and ready by the time the first audience member arrived.
  • Showed up with whiplash to deliver my speech after having been rear ended on the way to the event.  I did have to sit down on a stool for the program, and I was pretty whooped at the end of the day, but I’d couldn’t let my client down.  The only event I have ever cancelled was due to 9/11…because the event was in Manhattan on 9/12.
  • Filled in for a speaker who had to cancel.  I’ve actually done this a couple of times and have done both extra keynotes and breakouts.

Can you imagine working with a speaker who understands what you do?  I love what I do, but I also loved when I did event planning.  My goal is for your event to be successful.  I’m going to give my all in the program that I deliver for you.  But I’m also going to be there for what ever else you need.  If it’s within my capabilities, I will do it.  Just ask, and together we’ll find a way to help you attain success.