About Marian

What is UpGrowth?


UpGrowth is as literal as the words that make it up.  It’s moving your personal and professional growth in an upward direction.  Whether it’s making you the best version of yourself that you can be, or helping your team gain skills that will benefit your organization as well as themselves, UpGrowth is taking you to that goal.


“UpGrowth is moving your personal and professional growth in an upward direction.”


When you talk to yourself (we all do it…sometimes it’s the best conversation you can find all day), have you ever heard yourself asking these questions?

  • I need a training department, but my company just isn’t big enough to support that role.  How can I get the training we need now?

  • Why don’t they know this?  Didn’t anyone ever train them?

  • How can I make people a clone of me?  I’d hire 10 of me!

  • What am I going to talk about at the next staff meeting?  There’s so much I need to teach people, but I don’t have time to develop a program?

  • We are so busy, I don’t have time to send my team to full day or even half day programs.  How can I get training for my team without taking huge chunks of time out of the day?

  • How do they expect me to get people up to speed on skills when I barely have enough time just to do my job?

  • There’s no reason I can’t be as successful as that person.  What do they know that I don’t?


Did you answer yes to one or more of the questions? If you did, then you are a perfect candidate for UpGrowth.  You want more, but you know you can’t do it all yourself.  You want someone who works with you as a partner in order to help you meet your goals.


That’s where I come in.  I bring you a premiere training department in a box…an online training box.  The programs are modular and packaged so you can pick and choose only what you need.


But it doesn’t stop at modules!  When I was in corporate training, I saw that my training numbers were going down because people couldn’t break free for a full or even half day program.  Worse, people who attend training are constantly interrupted by phone calls, emails, and texts.  Can you relate to that?  While this trend was happening, another began behind the scenes. Attention spans were getting shorter and shorter fueled by social media. I knew in my heart and mind that training would have to go with this new standard of absorbing information.  Training needed to be done in smaller chunks.


“Learning can take place in 15 minutes or less.”


In traditional training, participants begin to lose knowledge within 24 hours with studies showing a 40% retention rate.  So paying $5000 for a program, organizations effectively get $2000 of value.  With one small lesson at a time, the learner can implement the new learning immediately.  The mind isn’t overwhelmed with new ideas and can focus all of its energy on the new lesson.  People can get a bite-size lesson in 15 minutes or less and then return when they have more time, energy, and focus for the next lesson.




In the 30 years that I’ve delivered keynotes and training programs, the most requested programs have stayed the same.  Titles are customized, but the material remains in one of 5 topics. I bring you the learning you need most:

  • Management (Including Employee Engagement, Benefits Education,

  • Communication (Including Dealing with Difficult People, Assertiveness)

  • Customer service (Including Upselling, Sales Basics, Negotiation Basics)

  • Thinking (Including Attitude, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence)

  • Time management/productivity


In- Person Programs


My in-person programs can be in any of the following formats.  They may run from 45 minutes to 6 hours daily (not including breaks).  Multi-day events are an option for clients looking for intensives.


MC (Emcee)


For your VIPs and Sponsors

VIP Meet & Greet and Private Coaching may be added to any live event for your VIPs and sponsors


Digital/ELearning – Online Programs


Do you love learning but are limited in time?  Are you a tech-savvy company or have tech-savvy staff?  I’ve been high tech and high touch my entire career.  If you need digital learning, I can make it happen.  You can choose from the programs I offer through my education portal, or I can create custom programs based on your needs.  Would you like to set up your own E-Learning University?  I will work with you to design a custom course selection, develop the programs, and then launch the University with you.  The types of online programs include:


Video Conferencing

Coaching Programs


I have a limited number of coaching sessions that are available.  Depending upon which level you choose, it can range from group lessons to one-on-one (aka 1-2-1) coaching.  Are you ready to take things to the next level? 


Coaching with me is a mutual 3-month commitment.  There are three levels:


Group Coaching (Private Facebook Group and Zoom Conference Calls)
One-on-One Coaching (4-20 minute sessions monthly – limited number of 1-2-1 coaching available)

One-Day Intensive Coaching (One or the other, or both of us travel to brainstorm and problem solve)

Who is Marian?

In brief, I’m someone who hates to hear people struggle and likes to help them problem solve.  The pieces of the puzzle are a bit more interesting:

  • I started working for my parents’ businesses when I was a kiddo.  One was in the travel business, the other in the restaurant business.  Since my life is in hotels and convention centers, I feel right at home on the road.

  • Went to work in banking and fell in love with computers and training and development.  Though my career was training programs within the financial services industry, I would bounce back and forth between financial topics and productivity & people skills.

  • Discovered that there were many more people and businesses that I could help if I was independent, so in 1997, I started my training and coaching business.

  • Two of my proudest accomplishments: Published a couple books and received the Certified Professional Speaker designation.

  • In 2017, I expanded my business to digital offerings and social media with lots of video programs planned.

The majority of my career has been spent teaching people how to make their work and personal lives better.  It’s who I am.  It’s what I love.  It’s what I’m here for.  Will you join me for some problem solving?